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Featured Member Article – Who Are the Real Heroes Today?

We watched from the sidelines as Lance Armstrong has fallen on his sword and has finally decided to tell the truth about his use of performance enhancing drugs. You decide if he’s told all of the truth. Click here for the full article

Featured Member Article – America’s Obsession with Beauty

Isn’t it odd that 13 million Brits are on a permanent diet?Isn’t it sad that last year—in the span of only one year—Americans spent 60 billion dollars (notice billion) to lose weight? And this figure does not account for all the free ways in which people invest. Click here for the full article

Book Review – Journey to Mindful Manhood

Dr. Johnson’s central premise is that there is a true crisis in fathering in this country that has left many men emotionally crippled and relationships torn apart. This has resulted in a powerful father gap and a deep emotional wound that manifests in many destructive behavior patterns. Click here for the full review

Featured Member Article: Holistic Nutrition in a Clinical Application

What is Holistic Nutrition and how does it differ from that of registered dietitian and clinical nutrition? Before we can answer these questions, it is necessary for us to step back and take a look at the broader picture of food and human interaction. In order to live we must eat, that is simple, but […]

The Happiness Factor

In our fast-paced society, we are constantly seeking the path to happiness, and in the process of looking for that path, we make ourselves miserable. In his new book, Spontaneous Happiness, author Andrew Weil tells us what to do when we are not happy, and how to better weather life’s inevitable highs and lows. He […]

Read the attached article by AAIM Board Member, Robert Kornfeld. Very interesting!


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