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Dr. Amalia Fantasia Bio

Dr. Amalia Fantasia Bio


Dr. Amalia Fantasia, PhD, is recognized widely as a leader in the field of health care, health care management, ambulatory health care and nutraceutical medicine. Acknowledged by chemists, bio-engineers, geneticists, physicians and health care administrators alike, Dr, Fantasia has pio- neered many of the preventive and integrative medical practices being standardized and inte- grated into traditional and primary health care today. The nutraceutical protocols and support treatments she has created in conjunction with physicians are well sought after on an international basis by patients and health care providers.


In 1996, she founded Cherry Hill Clinic, an ambulatory primary care practice serving the Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York regions. As Clinic Director, Dr. Fantasia is not only responsible for the clinic’s founding and management, but was instrumental in developing its method of care processes and marketing, working with scientists, bio-chemists and Clinic Physi- cians in establishing entirely new health care modalities and standardizing primary and secondary health care treatment for the Clinic’s patients. As a health care management and bio-chemistry PhD, who has a particular focus in IV nutraceutical medicine as a preventive and support therapy for traditional health care, including cancer, opioid dependence, pre and post surgery, bariatrics and auto immune disorders,  Dr. Fantasia has developed a range of formulated proprietary IV nu- traceutical treatments that are becoming well known and sought after worldwide. Her clinical data from the same period has demonstrated the overwhelming success of Cherry Hill Clinic’s proto- cols and the modularization of the Clinic’s treatments and standard of care that are being sought after nationally by large-scale health care organizations and systems.


The author of several articles and studies in the field, Dr. Fantasia’s peer-reviewed works include: “The Value of Point of Care Testing in the Physician’s Office Setting,” in Advanced Labora- tory Medicine Magazine; “The Role of Nutraceutical Medicine in Preventing Cardiac Incident,” in Philadelphia Magazine;“The Assessment of Serum Markers as Related to Select Tumors,” published by Temple University Press; and “The Development of CPT Coding for Alternative and Preventive Medicine,” by City University of New York (CUNY) Press. Dr. Fantasia is also known widely for her many media and television appearances to discuss related health care topics, including appearances on CNBC,WBCB,WPEN and CNN, and she is also well known and respected as the host of her own weekly radio show serving Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia discussing topics related to health care with a focus on Nutraceutical and Preventive Medicine. In addition, Fantasia is invited to speak regularly by organizations on health care topics, including such well-known entities as the Pennsylva- nia Society for Clinical Laboratory Services, the Health Care Strategies Association, the Southern New Jersey Holistic Nurses Association, the American Nurses Association and the Philadelphia Busi- ness Women’s Network and Forum.


Prior to founding Cherry Hill Clinic, Dr. Fantasia, who has a PhD in Health Care Administra- tion from City University of New York, and a PhD in Chemistry, MBA in Health Care Finance and BS MT (AMT) in Chemistry from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, worked in various ca- pacities in the health care field gaining a diverse and wide range of experience in health care man- agement for medium and large scale hospital and related health care systems. From 1989 to 1996, she was Senior Consultant and Medical Laboratory Coding Specialist for Affiliated Health Manage- ment Associates in Chicago, Illinois, and from 1980 to 1985 the Outpatient Services Director for Broad Street Hospital Group in Philadelphia, where she also served as Hematology Supervisor be- ginning in 1974.  From 1969 to 1974, she was Senior Staff Technologist at Methodist Hospital in Philadelphia.


Dr. Fantasia is a member of several professional health care organizations including the American So- ciety for Clinical Pathology, the American Medical Technologist (AMT), the American Society for Clin- ical Lab Sciences (CLMA), the American College of Medical Practice Executives, the American College of Health Care Executives, and the American College for Advancements in Medicine. Dr. Fantasia also holds several Board certifications, including certifications from the Bupreneophine and Office-based Treatment for Opioid Dependence; the New Jersey Psychiatric Association; the International Acad- emy of Physiological Regulating Medicine; and the Association for Physiological Regulating Medicine in Pain Management and Aesthetic Medicine, among others. A native of Philadelphia, Dr. Fantasia lec- tures nationwide on subjects ranging from the semi-rapid detox of opioid dependence to the prac- tice and integration of preventive health care into existing health care systems and the successful use of IV Nutraceutical medicine to support traditional health care treatments and protocols.

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