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Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo

Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo ND, MCL, DWMS, DAAIM, MAURP C.Homotoxicology Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo, was named after and blessed by the late Saint John Paul II in the Philippines Nunciature and has embarked on Preventive Medicine Campaign through Medicine and Media, showing compassion and nobility in service with every beat of his heart. He had […]

The Flu and Prevention

The Flu and Prevention Published April 14th, 2015 in Alternative Perspective, Alternative Therapies by Tammera J. Karr, PhD This year, that flu “vaccine will only reduce your risk of ending up in the doctor’s office with the flu by about 23 percent. The vaccine was developed nearly a year ago in February, 2014, and it’s not an […]

Depression School: A 3-Session Group Crisis Stabilization Intervention

Depression School: A 3-Session Group Crisis Stabilization Intervention Jolene Oppawsky, PhD, LPC, ACS, DAPA University of Phoenix Abstract The rapidly changing mental health care environment has many treatment and financial implications for therapists and clients.  The changes place new and acute demands on providers and caregivers to meet clients’ needs with time-limited, innovative therapies without compromising care.  Innovative […]

The Use of Hypnosis in the Treatment of Migraine Headache: A Case Study

By: Edward Mackey CRNA, MS, MSN, Ph.D. Assistant Professor West Chester University of Pennsylvania Abstract Migraine headaches significantly impact the lives of those who suffer from them.  This case report discusses a patient suffering from frequent and almost incapacitating migraine headaches that lasted over a period of fifteen years and were unrelieved by conventional methods.  […]