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To Heirloom or Modern, That is the Question

By Tammera J. Karr For those brave enough to try something new or different, you might find those heirloom purple potatoes are richer tasting; others might enjoy the spicier or bitter taste of greens like nasturtium, radicchio, or arugula. We encounter not only a cornucopia of foods and colors, but the names transport us to […]

Bereavement: Focus on Amish Rituals

By:Charlotte H. Mackey MSN, EdD Edward F. Mackey CRNA, MSN, PhD Grieving and bereavement are part of living.  How grieving is displayed is influenced by customs unique to each culture.  Different cultures have their own views on the meaning of death, as well.  Grief is a total response to the emotional experience of loss.  It […]