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From Healing the Healer to Being Healed: A Therapeutic Harp Travels the Sound Waves

Marcie Swift, M.Ed. Marcie Swift shares her experience with Barbara Russell getting ready to go into a recording studio for therapeutic harp. From Healing the Healer to Being Healed: A Therapeutic Harp Travels the Sound Waves

Caregiver Burden

Lisa Cao and Ira Heilveil discuss the strain placed on the caregivers of loved ones. Learn how being a caregiver can adversely affect health and stress levels.   Caregiver Burden by: Lisa Cao and Ira Heilveil

Living With a Disability: A Gateway to Practicing Forgiveness and Compassion

Susan Stuntzner, PhD, LPC, CRC, NCC, DCC Jacquelyn A. Dalton, PhD, CRC Forgiveness and compassion are two helpful approaches toward reducing the emotional, psychological, and spiritual anxiety brought about by negative and harmful experiences. Disability, forgiveness, and compassion are terms that may not be thought of in relation to one another, but here the authors […]

Delicious Smells, and a Strong Immune System

By Tammera J. Karr, PhD Have you ever picked a sun-warmed peach from a tree, held it to your nose, inhaling the smell that is only a warm fresh peach? Are you one of those folks who smell your food before you eat it? Well, this may be the article for you. Many prescription drugs […]

The Integrative Clinician: Integrative Approaches to Clinical Caregiving: A Personal Journey and a Worthy Endeavor

By Rev. Dr. Chrys L. Parker, J.D. This article contains a brief discussion of, the author’s concept of practice as an integrative professional, an overview of what integrative care does and does not involve, as well as why integrative approaches may play an important role in the creation of vital linkages between caregiving professions. In […]